The Most Thrilling Game in the World

What would you do if you were extremly rich?

My name is Candice and I own this boat. I live on it, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone.

Do you want to know how I did it? Very simple: My friends and I won a few (ok, many) times at the Bitcoin Crash Game.

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Bitcoin Crash Game
Bitcoin Crash Game Bruna

My Friends Found how to play and win at Bitcoin Crash Game

This game is so exciting, that first we lost a lot of bits before we learned how to make money from it. And we still do.

However, we decided to tell all our friends the secret. Bruna says that it is not fair to keep it for ourselves.

Will we give our secret for free?

Yes. It is completely free, no tricks.

Why is it free?

Because we had our part and others should enjoy it. It is unfair that we keep this knowledge to ourselves and others will not enjoy it, and, if needed, we can continue to play and make more of it.

Bitcoin Crash Game Maya