Is the Bitcoin Crash Game Fair?

Absolutely! And we can prove it.

Please see the bitcoin talk thread for technical details.

If you just want to verify your games, check out this handy tool that one of our players generously made.

The house edge on the Bitcoin Crash Game is just 1%. This means that in the long run, if you play 100 rounds of $1 (total $100), you will lose only $1 on the average.

This implies you can, with $ 100 to play thousands of games before the money you deposit on the site is over.

Of course, during the various games, you may earn a significant amount, a life-changing amount.

Read carefully how you can win the Bitcoin Crash Game. »

We have been able to earn sums that will last for many years.

Candice, for example, bought a huge yacht on which we conduct wild dance parties.

Like her, each of us is financially based.