Bitcoin Crash Game

How to Play Bitcoin Crash Game

You don’t know what the Bitcoin crash game is? I will tell you about it and later on, I will tell you my story. But first thing first. I would like to introduce you to the Bitcoin Crash Game, how it works, why it works and how to win at this game.

First, sign up free for a site that has a graph crash game. There are a few ones, but I like betbitcoin24/7.

Buy a Bitcoin particle (no less than $ 5 and no more than $ 100,000) on any Bitcoin exchange site and deposit it on the Graph Game site (on the next post I will explain how to buy Bitcoin and where to buy it).

Now, after you sign in, you bet some amount before the game starts. A new game starts 5 seconds after the previous game ends. Look at how others play at the game and you will understand in minutes why it is so exciting.

Let’s say you bet $ 1 on the next game.

The game starts and the graph starts to rise, showing how much you multiply the amount of money you bet.

Bitcoin Crash Game Dashboard
Bitcoin Crash Game Dashboard

As the graph goes up, so does the value of the amount you bet. At any moment you can click stop to exit the game with your winning amount.

If you bet on $ 1 and the graph goes up to 300, your winning amount will be $ 300. However, if you bet $ 10, at the very same game, you would make $ 3000.

It is very tempting, but, be careful, if the graph crashes before you hit the “Stop” button, you will lose the amount you bet on (the $1 or $ 10).

It is very difficult to press the “stop” button in time because you see your bet amount multiplied by hundreds in front of your eyes and you don’t want it to stop climbing.

But, one must not be too excited about the money that others earn. You must hold back and press the button before the graph collapses.

wanna try? Sign up here.