About us and the bitcoin crash game


We were all students who lived together not far from the university. We used to work as dealers at a casino in town. We know all the player’s tricks and systems.

Anna was the first who came with this idea to find a game with a very low house edge and try the system that players use at the casino.


The casino we worked for chose the students by the aesthetics and the ability to think fast.

We learned how to deal blackjack and poker cards, we understood the roulette rules and we got nice tips from the players.

Leora did the math of Anna’s system and declared that it should work.


Lily worked at the casino bar.

She is fun, very good with exotic drinks and very courageous.

We decided to try the Annas system and Lily was the first to deposit.

After a couple of hours, she tripled her deposit.


Vic worked at the casino for a while and later started a model career.

Vic was our accountant.

She collected money from all the participants, distributed profits, helped everyone invest their profits in the right places, in short, she was our manager.

Without Vic, we probably would have just wasted the money.