How to Win at the Bitcoin Crash Game

Before you start playing, you need to decide how much you want to bet on. Of course, the higher your bets, the faster you will earn substantial sums of money.

For example, if you want to invest $ 100 in the game, you will need to play as low as $ 1 each game, which will allow you at least 7 consecutive games.

I would start with $ 1000 to play with $ 10 per game. Over time, you can increase your bet to win significant amounts. As you start to gain and gain more courage, I’m sure you’ll increase your betting height every round.

Keep in mind that you should always have enough money to increase your bet.

I’ll immediately explain to you the ratio of betting height to the amount you have at the bitcoin crash game website.

Once you’ve decided how much to deposit, go to the Local Bitcoins website to exchange some money for bits.

If this is your first time buying Bitcoin, see how to sign up for Local Bitcoins to purchase there, with a credit card, bank transfer, or cash. »

Once you have purchased Bitcoin, deposit them to the website.

If you don’t know how to open an account at, read how to do it here »

How to bet to win

I assume you have deposited $ 1000 into the cashier of the website.

In the next game, bet on $ 10. Wait for the graph to go up to X 2 and press the stop button.

Right now, one of two alternatives has occurred:

  • either you won $ 10 because the graph collapsed after you clicked the button,
  • or the graph collapsed before you clicked, and you lost your $ 10.

If you won this first round, return to bet $ 10 on the next game, and press the button when the graph reaches X 2 again.

From now on, every time you win, restart to bet $ 10 and press the button at X 2.

Now, let’s learn what to do when you lose a bet.

Every time you lose, double your bet height.

For example:

If your first bet was $ 10 and you lost them, repeat and bet on $ 20 in the next round. If you lost again, repeat and bet on $ 40, and if you lost again, multiply again and bet $ 80, and then $ 160 and so on.

The Math

No matter how many rounds you lose, the round you win will earn you back all the money you lost plus $ 10.

How? I will try to explain the mathematical phenomenon with an example:

You bet $ 10 and lose, so double your bet to $ 20.

Second bet: You bet on $ 20 and lost again.

So far you have lost $ 30 in the 2 bets together.

Next round, you double and bet $ 40 and assume you won.

Since your winning amount is double the bet, the amount you win is $ 80.

That means you invested $ 10 + $ 20 + $ 40 = $ 70.
You have invested $ 70 and received $ 80, you earned a total of $ 10.

It doesn’t matter how many rounds you lose because in the end, you always win $ 10 more than your total loss amounts.

Once you’ve earned, return to gambling again for $ 10 as in the beginning.

Speed Game

You should try not to miss rounds because your win might occur precisely during the round you missed and you will have to continue doubling.

Will this System work at an Online Casino?

Yes, but…

Casino and Online Casino are familiar with this multiplication method. It even has a name: Martingale System.

Players used to bet at the roulette on red or black and double their bet, just as I described before.

Therefore, to prevent players from using this method, casinos have set a lower limit for betting and an upper limit.

Let’s say you’re betting on a roulette game where the minimum bet is $ 5 and the maximum is $ 500.

  • In the first round, you will bet on $ 5, 
  • in the second round on $ 10, 
  • third-round $ 20, 
  • fourth-round $ 40, 
  • $ 80, 
  • $ 160
  •  and $ 320.

You won’t be able to bet another $ 640 round because you would cross the upper limit.

That means you can bet a total of 7 rounds. If you are not lucky and the red you bet on does not appear for 7 rounds, you will lose all your money.

In contrast, in the Bitcoin Crash Game, there is no lower limit or upper limit, so you can double as much as needed to win.