Canada's Best New Online Casinos

In the world of online casinos in Canada, there is everything: safe bets, sites that have been around for over ten years, and newbies that have just opened their doors. Contrary to what one might think, choosing a young Canadian or foreign online casino is good: quickly discover the many advantages of new casinos and our advice for playing safely!

Here are the criteria that the best new online casinos meet:

  • They use high-quality software that is guaranteed to be fair.
  • They offer you original and innovative games.
  • They offer you very advantageous bonuses and loyalty programs.

Check out the newest and top-ranked online casinos in Canada today. With the bonuses available, you can immediately start making money at a new site using a deposit bonus code. Be part of the new online casino revolution today!

Top games and software

There are many advantages to registering with a new online casino site in Canada. The first strength of casino games is that they use the very latest technology. The sound and graphics animations of their games are at the top, and their software and applications have innovative and practical features.

They also offer the very latest titles from big names in the casino like Playtech or Microgaming, with state-of-the-art slots and original table games. We think, for example, of live dealer games, or immersive roulette games, which really immerse you in the atmosphere of the casino.

“To find new reliable online casinos, follow our advice!”

The little extras

The new online casinos are also doing everything to attract players. They offer interesting bonuses and promotional offers, as well as a host of little extras: contests, challenges, and challenges that spice up the game and will allow you to round up your gaming capital at a low cost!

One of the downsides of newer online casinos is that they are less crowded than the more famous sites. It’s a bit annoying when you’re a fan of poker tournaments, but if not, that’s not much of a problem. Progressive slot machines work in a network and bring together players’ bets on several sites. You can therefore rest assured: their jackpots are very attractive!

Bonuses from new online casinos

All casinos are looking to attract new customers. On new casinos as well as on older sites, you will therefore find very attractive welcome offers. They all work more or less the same way: the site multiplies your first deposit by two or three, up to a certain amount. This bonus is not paid to you immediately but must be unlocked by playing for real money.

As newer online casinos try harder than established sites, their welcome bonuses are often more attractive. They also often offer other types of bonuses, such as referral bonuses, birthday bonuses, deposit bonuses, and so on. Not to mention the loyalty programs, which allow you to earn real money game credits, enjoy personalized customer service, and access exclusive tournaments.

About our selection of new casinos

We test all new online casinos in Canada very carefully to see if they are reliable and if their games are interesting. The sites on our list all meet our criteria for quality: their games are fair, their customer services are ultra-pro and responsive, their software is compatible with cellphones and tablets, and they support a wide choice of payment methods. The rest, we let you discover it by testing them for free!

Casino Online Canada FAQ

It is difficult to know if a brand new casino is reliable or not just by looking at its website. It is essential to learn as much as possible about the operator who manages it. If he has already opened and closed several casinos, it is a bad sign. If, on the contrary, he already operates several trusted sites, it is rather positive. You can also check if the site is regulated or controlled by competent authorities, or if its software is tested by an independent body.

An unreliable casino is likely to disappear faster than a site operated by a reputable operator. And, in general, when a site goes down, it means that players will never see their winnings again. We must therefore be cautious and opt for a site that has proven itself.

Yes, this is a mandatory step. This way, you will know if the site meets the essential safety criteria and if its games are of quality. We make it easier for you by offering tests of casinos that have recently appeared on the web.

As the competition between online casinos is fierce, newcomers to the market must do their utmost to attract Internet users. They therefore sometimes offer particularly interesting bonuses and welcome offers.

Yes, of course: all online casinos, new or that have been around for years, offer generous bonuses.

Few online casinos are created in Canada. In the provinces that regulate online gambling, including Quebec in particular, the operation of gambling is reserved for government companies. On the other hand, it is quite possible to play, from Canada, at new casinos installed abroad.